Vegan btw

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Might be about the .ml Domain. Since it's free it is often abused by malware.

Zlib and LibGen if you are willing to set sails 🏴‍☠️

Help With Error Message When Using Arc 770

Help With Error Message When Using Arc 770 (

As far as I know the Alchemist GPUs require proprietary microcode which Trisquel probably does not ship.

Anyway I'd go with Helix's suggestion.

The caveat that does exist is for the graphics micro-controller "GuC" firmware. Just as the past decade of Radeon GPUs has required binary microcode to be loaded at initialization time and so has the Nouveau driver since the GeForce GTX 900 "Maxwell" era required signed firmware, DG2/Alchemist does need the GuC microcode loaded by the open-source driver.


It's mixed. Sometimes we use literal translations (e.g. computer -> Rechner, window -> Fenster, operating system -> Betriebssystem). For other terms we stick to the English one (e.g. software, bug, chip, browser, email).

I think I read about it on Mastodon.


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Maybe it should be required by law to include critical nutrients in meat substitutes (perhaps in plant milk too?). It already worked for iodised salt in the 90s (at least here in Germany).

The study is sponsored by meat industry btw.

Marlow Foods Ltd

The Company produces and markets mince, chickens, sausages, steaks, fishless fingers, and meat products.

E2EE still broken ✨


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Time to start learning an instrument then