@hacks4pancakes in the attic here I found a mains-powered coax amp wired into a light socket, so as to be always on. I’m afraid the person who did that is actually deceased, and surprisingly not from electrocution or fire.

@hacks4pancakes Fuuuuck. That's annoying. Good luck. For the most part, people will use the two sets of screws on a duplex receptacle to handle feeding things downstream. If the USB ones have stranded leads, be careful as I've found splicing stranded to solid with wirenuts to be challenging at times. (Easy for the twisting of the wirenut to pull the stranded part up into the spring so the solid wire isn't making great connection. Putting a little s curve in the solid wire before laying the stranded wire along it can help a lot)

At the moment there's a bug in Mastodon's Edit feature which means you can't directly add or edit image descriptions. This will be fixed in the next update.

However, there is a workaround which does let you add or edit alt texts right now:

  1. Click edit on the post
  2. Delete the attached file
  3. Attach the same file again
  4. Add/edit the description
  5. Publish the edited post

@feditips I never see edit on any of my posts. I have looked under the dots.

@feditips Yep.

I feel like I might be having a mild mid-life crisis, of sorts.

I'm increasingly aware of my age, and the fact that in many ways I am living the life of a much younger man. And getting away with it? I feel like I'm cheating and have a vague sense of unease. Am I deluding myself? Is the other shoe going to drop?

On the up-side, if this truly is a mid-life crises, that means I now have permission to buy a bright yellow sports car!

@HerraBRE okay. Bright yellow bike.
Solved it for you. 😝

@smari You just want to see me in spandex.

@unfa :blobcatscared:

Yeah. It’s awful what 7 did.

@UnFitz Spaghetti 0s running rampant, which is a true crime

Today is our Founder's BIRTHDAY!!! Help us wish Eric Belardo, CEIM®, NSA IAM, CFI a happy "Half a Century Birthday"! He told us that in lieu of gifts we should ask people to make a donation to RAICES Cyber (hey even $5.00 helps) to help us provide more scholarships/ support to deserving members of the , , and community! Go to to do so.
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Today is our Founder's BIRTHDAY!!! Help us wish Eric...

@drwho @feonixrift @thegibson "Installing OpenBSD?"

Good kid.

@nateb Ya know, I can live with that.

@hacks4pancakes great points - as I think others have pointed out, this is “early access”, and they have a list of things to come in the near future - it looks like profile access is on there, and while they do acknowledge alt text reading, I don’t see transcription

@hacks4pancakes There are a ton of alternatives. Metatext is just dead. @ivory isn’t exactly 1.0 IMO. I think the pressure to get it into App Store was due to Elmo killing a major app and revenue. These folks do quality work and I like the trajectory so I’ve signed up. YMMV.

If you’re familiar with Tweetbot, you’ll know you can customize app bar to make your profile one tap away (long-press). They have published a page on feature roadmap and I don’t think they’re slacking. Just my $0.02

The teen's demo of tuning as part of his college assignment.
He's obviously inspired by who he cited in his essay too.
I can't stretch to a for him so he does his thing with

Composition in