China should make a coordinated Linux push, since they're always at risk of getting kicked out of Android when they start doing well on phones, and Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, are all spy-tools anyway.

It's actually happening. HuaWei pretty much switched to their own HarmonyOS that's been forked from Android, and China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Android fork isn't Linux. I mean actual linux, with actual freedom, and taking advantage of the open source community and existing software.

China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Can you tell me about this?

I was saying that HramonyOS is a fork of Android. Linux is obviously a separate story from that. And here are a couple of article about China ditching Windows for a homegrown Linux distro

This is a national security concern for China, so I expect there will be a sustained push to move everything to homegrown platforms.

It's insane Linux is still at 2%. There are distributions that are more user friendly than Windows. They come with preinstalled tools that meet user needs you didn't even know existed. Linux, as it stands today, is better than Windows in every category, not even considering all of the reasons to not use Windows. So why is Windows still dominating the PC space? Maybe because this shift in layman-utility is only a few years old, you often have to go out of your way --requiring the knowledge of how to install an OS -- to use Linux, pre-builds mask the cost of Windows and remove the choice, and a general bias against the unfamiliar.

Looking at their all platforms one is why I realized I needed to take the dive and learn android development.

Overall windows is trending downward, nearly all at the expense of android.

Great insights. Look at that downward trend for windows, helps to explain the desperate and malevolent things they've been up to lately.

Also interesting correlation between unknown & windows around Jan2019 period. Any theories what it is? Aside from some classification errors or obscuring....?

Windows users running some kind of agent spoofer or similar? I would love if it was a spike in reactos or other os users haha

Its def a spoofer of some kind.

Unknown + Linux + ChromeOs = interesting figure

Yeah, it's promising and even MacOs numbers are a positive because it takes away from the Windows share. I think the future is looking up for Linux if these trends continue.

We just have to push ChromeOs and develop android apps and it's done