I distinctly recall @poVoq confidently explaining to me that using nuclear plants in this way was fantastical and unrealistic because nobody in the west is doing it.

District heating was not among the non-electricity use-cases you talked about that time. But this is still nuclear electricity production, just with some heat recycling added, so I stand by my point that non-electricity production use-cases for nuclear energy are unrealistic 🤷‍♂️

Presented with a non-electricity production use case for nuclear power continues to claim that non-electricity production use-cases for nuclear energy are unrealistic. 🤷‍♂️

What about "waste heat utilisation of nuclear electricity production" is too hard for you to understand? I still challenge you to find a single non-military, non-experimental nuclear energy use example that is not done for electricity production. Good luck finding one.

What part of nuclear power is very clearly being utilized for electricity production and heating are you not able to wrap your head around. The fact that the same plant is providing both is a net positive. Both electricity and heating are needs that have to be filled. So, not really sure what point you're trying to make regarding the fact that waste heat is being utilized for heating. The alternative is to do what Germany is doing and burn coal instead. I guess that's what you must consider to be preferable.

The use case in this article cannot be fulfilled effectively using solar or wind power sources. The fact that you evidently can't understand this is truly amazing.

@poVoq @technology The nuclear salt water rocket would probably work, but you’d need orbital or lunar construction to build one.