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Yay, this is this fantastic AI? /s

I hope this somehow causes the syncing of repositories to become faster because at least for me it is really slow even for the official f-droid repo.

People: We want sustainable technology, stop the inhumane exploitation

Fairphone: Here you go, we did our best

People: meh, it doesn't have flagship specs, it's useless.

People should understand that that's the price we have to pay for products made without exploitation of workers from poor countries. That should be the normal price.

now that crypto miners are not inflating the price of our products, they have no use to society

It's fairly questionable whether LLM code could ever be considered 'Clean Room' since it's trained on, and therefore contaminated with, absolutely everything that isn't nailed down.

I have been using some crypto as a means of payment and find it often easier and cheaper than banking services in the fiat system.

Developers -and possibly others- could use it to monetize their work and becoming less dependant from commercial app stores. The blockchain can be a good tool for proof of provenance (although the latter doesn't necessarily come with a currency).

By using crypto, we can cut the middleman.

There are some use cases for crypto imho, but only a few companies try to exploit its potential.

But, yeah, it seems we already have the next big thing:

Tech chief says the development of chatbots is a more worthwhile use of processing power than crypto mining

@ailiphilia @QuentinCallaghan Not to start a holy war but I think crypto as a technology is not a very good store of value.
Blockchain is revolutionary, but blockchain projects need to have utility rather than just a coin that you hope retains value.

I think crypto as a technology is not a very good store of value

I fully agree. That's why I use it as a means of payment rather than as value investment -:)

Blockchain is revolutionary, but blockchain projects need to have utility

Absolutely, that's what is missing at 99.9% of blockchain projects unfortunately (but I still hope for the 0.1% :-))

@QuentinCallaghan @ailiphilia Thank you for this comment, Ailphilia. We are largely supportive of bitcoin and monero but we feel there are serious concerns about security that make it difficult to participate.

For example, many people are unaware that Cloudflare controls the on-ramps to in most countries. This means a person can be blocked by at any moment from joining the network.

Our sources indicate this happens.

This is sadly true. There's a lot wrong with Cloudflare and I also knew they control the on-ramps to bitcoin, but I didn't know that they have already blocked persons.

@ailiphilia The reports started hitting us personally early in 2021.

It was likely happening before that, however. We decided to finally put it into a toot form early 2022 (see (#)bankAccounts hashtag)

Thanks, I'll need to look into that.

@QuentinCallaghan @technology They profited quite well from them though. I guess NVIDIA will pivot to AI now that it's the new hotness

Yeah, your post wasn't yet visible to me when I posted mine a few minutes ago, but I am thinking the very same. The next big thing is here and they need to train the chat bots :-)

Nevertheless, they did nothing about it during the crypto boom and, even worse, made a killing. Capitalist hypocrites.

I see code written by LLMs like code written by a sloppy (junior) dev.

The sloppy dev will code thing twice as fast than an experienced dev, it may even be shipped. Then things will break badly in production, and it'll take an ungodly amount of time for people to debug and untangle that messy code. In the best cases, that code is quickly thrown away and rewritten by a less sloppy dev, and the code will start working properly. In the worse case, people would add workarounds to make things work, kind of, it'll become worse over time, no one would ever want to touch the software again.

The cognitive warfare of watching 30s videos lmfao. Can we ban snapchat too?

I suppose its more about how algorithms are used to push content.

Douyin promotes STEM while tiktok promotes being a slave to the culture of sex obsession, the amount of half naked women dancing provocitively is really shocking.

Douyin promotes STEM


Love seeing new communities and organizations joining the fediverse!

Hardly a law

@tardigrada gov phones should have small, closed, list of installable apps.
Not from any surveilance, foreign, companies.

Email, encrypted messenging, phone... What else they need on P H O N E!

I fully agree, but a lot of officials across many countries might have a different opinion as they are using such apps.

We have seen the ban of Microsoft 365 and Google in some European countries for government devices of late, infrastructure companies like Huawei and ZTE are banned, now come these apps. I think that's a good direction. But, yes, it's hard to understand why these things need an official ban.

@tardigrada i do not tell to ban it from all phones. But gov phones are crucial to be a safe communication devices. And a lot of big companies do it as well at their work phones. Closed list of approved apps.

We had in poland this shitty action about data leak from private email from one of ministries. Private email with thousands of work mails... Because for gov it was easier to use it without 2fa... Instead of secure official emails ..

The bans are exclusively for government-issued devices. I wouldn't welcome a ban for private uses as which apps you're using should not be your government's business (and yes, we also have strict rules for work phones).

ugh but how are they going to survive those BORING government meetings about laws and stuff without them

@noodlejetski working? Or maybe dying. It would be better for whole society.

but but working is haaaaaaaard

For those interested there are two interesting articles on this topic:

The Mind Is a Battlefield: Lessons from Japan's Security Policy on Cognitive Warfare

It says:

The cognitive domain, which encompasses emotions, beliefs, values, and other intangible aspects of human cognition, has emerged as a crucial front in today’s wars. China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) recognizes the strategic importance of cognitive factors in winning information wars, and has devoted considerable research to this area: they aim to gain superiority in the cognitive domain by influencing public opinion, applying psychological pressure on key figures and ultimately influencing decision-making to win wars with minimal cost – or even without fighting. This perspective has been integrated into Beijing’s military strategy ...

The Future of China's Cognitive Warfare: Lessons from the War in Ukraine

There is also a lot of academic research, e.g., How China's Cognitive Warfare Works: A Frontline Perspective of Taiwan's Anti-Disinformation Wars