I thought the LemmyBB UI was the perfect solution to this. But what I am missing in Lemmy (vs. Reddit) is a root, or an aggregated search for public Lemmy communities. I understand that private groups would have to be excluded (or, if the community should be found, but membership is moderated, then make the address searcheable, but the content access-controlled).

Currently, it seems that I have to search each single public instance from the Lemmy directory manually in order to find and add a community to my personal forum home view (?). I do not see the benefit in this, so I prefer to read and post to Lemmy communities from Hubzilla (I just add them as a connection, or "follow them" in Masto speak). Actually, I can even search Hubzilla's Zot network for group channels on other instances (like communities), without leaving my own instance. But unfortunately not Lemmy's AP network. But I cannot do this from Lemmy or LemmyBB, either.

Co jak co, ale ode mnie nawet złamanego grosza nie dostaną.

Dopóki nie zaczną mi płacić grubego hajsu, to nie ma opcji, żebym używał tego szajsu.

Ja też nie używałem FB nawet za darmo

@harcesz Ta opcja "zwiększone zasięgi" jak zapłacisz, to typowe dzielenie ludzi na biedniejszych i bogatszych. Zastanawiam się, ile będzie rezygnacji z FB ze względu na takie nieetyczne działania. Dzieci co płaca w szkole za obiady mają mleko z kakao i cukrem, a te inne nie...

Myślę, że to jeszcze gorsze, to dosłownie "jeśli masz pieniądze, twój głos jest ważniejszy". A rezygnacji będzie pewnie równie niewiele co w reakcji na ich wcześniejsze nieetyczne działania ale kropla drąży skałę.

@harcesz - myślę, że czara goryczy zaczyna się już przelewać, przynajmniej patrząc po aktywności moich znajomych na FB. Przy czym obawiam się trochę, że nie będzie to oznaczało masowych przenosin na Mastodona, a raczej dalsze ograniczenie aktywności w social mediach.



It looks like another plug-in will let code be run in-chat:

@ajsadauskas Across the internet, there's a host of niche communities on message boards and web forums, using platforms such as phpBB and its various competitors.

Is there scope to get these communities on the Fediverse?

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out Lemmy ( ), which is basically a Reddit-like platform on the Fediverse. (For those reading this on Mastodon, this post is actually a reply to a post on Lemmy, meaning you can read it on Lemmy, on Mastodon, or elsewhere!)

It's shown me that the concept of a Fediverse -connected discussion forum certainly can work.

So is there scope to either add ActivityPub to any existing message board software platforms?

Alternatively, is there scope to develop a fediverse-connected general purpose message board platform?

Is anyone working on it?

@tchambers @atomicpoet @LemmyDev

@ajsadauskas My impression is that people stay on those platforms because they want to. Moving the entire network from those to fediverse one is something they have to decide.

It's something that surprised me when I looked into development, different groups hardly even use the same kind of medium. E.g. mailing lists, forums, custom bug tracker... Those were chosen for individual reasons that haven't changed.

The fragmentation goes through the fabric of groups, not just their output.

@bmaxv A number of the most popular platforms (Discourse, bbPress, phpBB, etc) are FOSS.

My thinking is if ActivityPub support were added, at least in theory communities that already use that software could open up discussions on their forums to the Fediverse.

I'm wondering if any of them are/are open to working on it?

@ajsadauskas @bmaxv as someone who frequented these niche forums extensively, i don't see any reason to connect or federate them. This is done loosely by someone sharing from one to another, which could be to Mastodon. The spécialisation of sites like saxontheweb or electric heaters is the main attraction. Federating them would result in an unwanted dilution IMO.

@randulo @bmaxv True, although I guess if it's a niche specialist discussion, it would most likely remain a niche specialist discussion on the Fediverse.

The advantages would be that specialists who might not participate directly in the forum could join in some of the conversations, and it would be interoperable with other Fediverse tools (potentially things like PeerTube videos and such).

@randulo @ajsadauskas @bmaxv A nice use case would be to follow certain users or topics across different forums on mastodon.
Allowing users from other servers to post to forums, on the other hand, would certainly be hated.

@mkoubik @ajsadauskas @bmaxv That's a great point if it were possible. An expert reply to a forum, if done properly, would be appreciated. IOW, value added from someone whith knowledge or experience

> Is anyone working on it?


Yes. Momentarily on development hiatus, but I develop a federated link aggregator similar to HN, and old reddit:

@tchambers @atomicpoet @LemmyDev

There are around 20 projects doing groups/forums and they're coming to Mastodon (eventually - not sure what's holding them back). The only thing that makes a traditional forum different from a group is that the first post usually has a title and Mastodon doesn't support titles in posts and many social network users have outgrown them. So, like lemmy, you would need to make the starting (topic) post on an instance that not only supports but mandates titles.

Otherwise if you don't care about titles, use groups. You can post to them from any platform from within your personal timeline. We put all of our project support and development discussions on fediverse groups long ago. But you can use them for anything you want.

Czyli to samo dotyczy pieców na pellet?

@lemat_87 to zależy z czego pellet powstaje. Pellet rolniczy (z odpadów porolnych i roślin energetycznych) jest w miarę spoko. W miarę, bo uprawy energetyczne zajmują przestrzeń lasom, a odpady porolne lepiej by kompostować. Dobry był by pellet z roślin z palidokultur, np. z trzciny, bo to pomaga chronić cenne mokradła. Niestety palidokultura w PL i UE na razie raczkuje (kto o tym w ogóle słyszał?).

Dziękuję za odpowiedź (myślałem, że to głupie pytanie, ale odpowiedź sugeruje, że to nie takie proste). Skoro w UE temat palidokultur raczkuje, to trudno myśleć, co z resztą świata. Swoją drogą ciekawy temat do doktoratu czy ogólnie badań, jeśli ktoś ma zbliżoną dziedzinę.

Been looking for these for a while but they just won't ship to Finland.

@junbird @ajsadauskas Yes! That's the type of thing I'm looking for! Thanks for sharing 😊

@nutomic LemmyBB looks like a very interesting project!

Apart from that The Pavilion cooperative has announced they work on a Discourse forum plugin for the Fediverse. And also I got word from the Flarum maintainer that they have plans to add support (but there's been silence after that).

Update: Here's a thread on Flarum's ongoing work:

The pavilion plugin was promised ages ago though no?

I was hoping discourse would actually integrate it as a first class part of the application but they seem to be shy of it. And with no solid plugin to serve as a proof of concept it doesn't feel like the issue will be resolved anytime soon.

Furthermore there seems to be a real problem with how to treat identity in the fediverse. I feel like that problem is still unresolved. I hear people talking about did etc but I'm not educated on the matter well enough to really say much about it.

Pavilion had early plans to create a plugin, and applied for a NLnet grant. When that wasn't accepted they put their plans in the freezer. It is only recently, after The Muskening™ that they picked up on it again.

See this post on the Discourse Meta forum about the plans.

Completely agree.

And there's a key word you left onto, and it's the one thing that will make or break the fedi, more than anything else: communities.

The core of any social platform or protocol isn't the software, servers, or APIs. It's the communities of people that use it.

Without those communities, even the shiniest of social media apps will fail. See Google+ for a real-world example.

So how do we build or attract communities of people for Lemmy?

Indeed. "Sense of community" is an aspect where additional socio-technical support native to the Fediverse can be quite helpful. We have the basics now. There's work to add Groups support, but community is more than just groups. It has intricate and meaningful relationships between many other groups and people. Just like in real life.

Lyft/Uber. They had a strategy of eliminating their taxi company competition by flooding the market with such low fares that the taxis couldn't compete. That said, the taxi companies had a miserable reputation in many cities. They often came late or not at all, they usually required a phone call to dispatch, and they were quite expensive. But still, the tactics Lyft and Uber used to gain market dominance was dirty and monopolistic.

The flip side of this is that I can avoid the trap of car ownership, with all of its problems and expenses.

Why not use public transportation ?

I personally think that public transportation is peak efficiency.

I do 99% of the time, but public transportation is often either very slow or not present at all. Take going out to see my aunt. Luckily I can take a light rail train most of the way. However, I then have to get on an infrequent bus. It can mean a trip taking an hour and a half, both ways. And that's in a relatively good transit city for its size and being in North America. Late night also tends to not be great for transit, though I can bike just fine then.

Basically, I rely on bike and bus for most of my transportation, but use Uber/Lyft to fill in for the times when those preferred options won't cut it.

@pingveno Here, car sharing companies became the new taxi in some ways. Drivers are just taking rides then canceling them, some say they've arrived then just leave, so that you get charged, others just stop and wait for you to cancel (or run around the city pointlessly, just so you can get bored and cancel the ride). You can contact the support team, they just give your money back and that's it. Not all drivers do that, so your experience might be a hit-or-miss, but enough people complain about this.

Many drivers are just former taxi drivers, so they bring along some of these bad habits, like starting to talk with you about the most insane conspiracy theories (i.e. anti-vax stuff etc.).

Not to mention, the prices are also ridiculously higher when and where there's an increased demand (i.e. when there's a big concert).

At least their cars are mostly in good shape.

Interesting, I've nothing bad to say about the typical ride experience. I usually get a car quickly and can get to where I need to go. That said, there was one person who was not a great driver. They managed to miss an exit, putting us a few miles our way while I was sitting in the back seat with a broken arm. That was... interesting. That's where taxi companies are general better, since there is a higher barrier to entry.

I've never experienced surge pricing, but from what I understand it is successful at its aim: getting cars to where they are needed fast. That said, I can understand feeling fleeced.

But yeah, my main complaint is really that big businesses were able to essentially subsidize rides initially, then take advantage of their position once they cornered the market.

@pingveno Glad the experience is better across the ocean. 😁

But yeah, my main complaint is really that big businesses were able to essentially subsidize rides initially, then take advantage of their position

On the flip side, if this competition makes a service better overall, it is welcome from my side, imo (especially when it comes to transport). Before that, taxi companies used to offer very poor service (to say the least) - and even now you have to pay attention to various shenanigans of them:

  • Dirty vehicles, some vehicles even in bad shape
  • They are allowed to smoke inside (they usually ask you right after they light the cigar if it's okay with you)
  • You have to pay attention to the meter
  • You have to pay attention to the route they take (sometimes they will just take the longer route, so you can pay more) - otherwise you can get a premium trip where you can see dozens of train stations, tens of triumphal arches and two Palaces of Parliament
  • Drivers can get rude (at best) or outright violent (at worst) if they disagree with you on the ride.
  • Plus some of the bad habits mentioned before, but which are way more widespread among taxi drivers.

Yet they still complain how Uber is taking their passengers and what they can do to stop this.

(and yea, taxi companies don't do shit about this behavior)

That's true.

Lyft and Uber are taking advantage of both:

  • the drivers (who are sub-contracted, legally-unassisted, and underpaid)
  • and the passengers (surge pricing).

Even worse - those companies SEEK to replace drivers with self-driving vehicles. They will terminate their entire sub-contracted workforce (the drivers... the people who do the actual work), without obligation.

This has been their goal from the start.

I guess I'm more concerned about the short term well being of the drivers than anything else. Surge pricing at least has a purpose, to attract drivers to an area. And with self-driving cars, I like the idea of using them as a solution to the last mile problem in transit.

Zmiana nazwy wyszła im na dobre. Kiedyś pisali "Facebook is free for everyone" (lub coś podobnego). No i fajnie. A Meta może być płatna i nawet nie skłamali. 🙃

@harcesz zapłaciłabym, jakby przenieśli się do fediwersum ze wszystkimi swoimi profilami, żeby dało się zrobić z tego listy i sposób wyświetlania jak w mastodonie i jeśli cena byłaby złotówkowa, a nie dolarowa ;p

UPDATE 23/03/2023: póki co monitoruję sytuację z wolniejszymi czasami wyszukiwań, zwiększyłem liczbę procesów na kontenerze wyszukiwarki. Sytuację będę dalej kontrolować, do czasu gdy wszystko się nie unormuje.

Z Waszej strony, jak napisała mi też jedna osoba na Matrixie, możecie wyłączyć DDG (oraz ewentualnie Mojeeka), a czas oczekiwania powinien znacząco spaść. Jeszcze raz przepraszam za tamtejsze utrudnienia.

@rysiek "it's an advanced API function, not a leak" seems to be the new "it's a feature, not a bug"...