Create, Share,

The old-fashioned social network has more in common with thematic forums than with modern social networks. The site shapes the community by creating authoritative or thematic magazines and adding interesting and valuable content to them.

Portal społecznościowy, który ma sens













Decide what your piece of the internet will look like

Each magazine is a separate and independent part of the portal. The founder of the magazine sets own rules, chooses the moderation and even can change its appearance.

You can create a general magazine or one that discusses a predetermined topic - there are no restrictions. If you are a creator, have a blog or are working on something you would like to share - you can set up your your own private mag.

As a moderator, you are given a range of tools to help you manage and maintain the flow of your magazine.

Autonomiczne magazyny

You Decide,
Not the Algorithm

Decide what you want to see, without intrusive advertising or sponsored content

When you log in, only content from magazines and users you follow is visible on the main page. You can also effectively block unwanted content while you are browsing the main stream.

Autonomiczne magazyny

Cardano based portal ecosystem

The ADA cryptocurrency (Cardano) is integrated with the portal

If you found something extremely interesting or useful, you can appreciate the author of article by providing a disposable tip of any amount. The payment is made directly to the author's wallet. does not mediate in transactions, but only processes information about them.

As a registered user, you can also create or assign your own wallet and earn ADA.

There is one block for advertising on the page. The ad is displayed as a png image. Part of the advertising income goes to server maintenance and the rest goes to pool K.

The coins will be drawn from among the users posting the best content based on the ranking, in the first stage the process will be supervised by the administrator in order to shape the nature of the instance.

In subsequent releases, the distribution process will be automated using algorithms developed with the community using Smart Contracts.


Decydujesz Ty, nie algorytm

Private Social

Create your own instance and share content with others in Fediverse

The Internet hates centralization. You can create your own instance and manage the entire portal. The code is open and constantly evolving, transparency is an important feature of the kbin.